About Me

Shannon grew up in rural Pennsylvania as an only child exploring the fields and forests. This, combined with daydreaming about the fantastical worlds in books, cartoons, and video games, led to the creation of art containing themes of fantasy and nature. Shannon’s study at the University of Pittsburgh has enabled the exploration of these themes using a variety of different mediums and created a love of exploring what can be made using unfamiliar tools and media.

Shannon lives with a wonderful husband and their sweet, little tuxedo kitty.

Artist Statement

My work explores the myriad of possibilities that exist right before a decision is made. I leave the story ambiguous while fleshing out the setting to spark the imagination and draw the viewer in. My goal is to give the audience an opportunity to decide where the story is going.

For Adventuring on the Tabletop, I sculpted modeling clay into a table with one-half of the top hosting a tabletop roleplaying game and the other the game as imaged by one playing it. One of the game pieces, a warrior, comes to life and faces some unknown winged serpentine creature in a nature setting. As they look at each other, it is unclear what they will do next. The faces featureless except for indents where they eyes would go to give them a sense of regard for each other. I left the sculpture vague to give the viewer the chance to choose what is going to happen.